Southwest Swirl bath soap with a scent similar to Fruit Stripe gum

$ 3.95

When I swirled the colors in this soap together the result reminded me of the colors I had seen when I traveled to the southwest -- mostly Bryce Canyon at sunset. Hence, the name. I developed the scent for this soap, mixing citrus and some earthy scents. I liked the scent but couldn't think of what to call it so I asked my daughter. She took a whiff and said she liked it a lot and then announced it smelled just like Fruit Stripe Gum. So that's how the fragrance got its name.

The soap is made from a mixture of glycerin and white soap. Glycerin is gentle on the skin and works up into a good lather.

The bars are cut by hand so they vary in size but are approximately 3.5 oz with the dimensions of 3.5" x 8" x 1.5".

The price given is for 1 (one) bar.

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