Huge Savings on most novelty soaps. Priced to go!

$ 1.50

These soaps have all been listed separately for almost a year and haven't sold out. I need to clear out my old inventory so I'm offering them at the very low price of $1.50 in hopes of selling them all.

Here is a brief description of each bar I have for sale: (starting with 1st picture, top left moving right)

Tropical Wave - citrus base soap with embedded citrus-scented curls.

Rainbow layered soap - layered with 5 different color base soaps. Scented with Grapefruit Bellini, a crisp, citrusy aroma.

Stained Glass Angles & Neon Angles - These fun, geometric patterned soaps come in two color schemes and each have similar, yet different scents. Sweet orange chili pepper gives the pink/purple soaps a lovely citrusy scent without being overbearing, and Pink grapefruit gives the yellow/green soaps a seductively tangy fragrance.

Fruit Roll-Ups - Each roll-up has its own scent (peach, melon, and citrus) and they are all brought together with the Sweet Orange Chili Pepper fragrance in the surrounding soap. It's a very fresh, invigorating aroma. The soap is made from coconut milk and glycerin, which is purported to be good moisturizers for your skin.

Orange Confetti - This soap smells like a freshly squeezed orange! And with the "confetti" inside, it'll be like you're having a party every time you use it.

Three Layer Novelty Soap - Handmade soap with an airy tropical scent. Perfect for evoking images of a tropical sunset.

Southwest Swirls - When I swirled the colors in this soap together the result reminded me of the colors I had seen when I traveled to the southwest -- mostly Bryce Canyon at sunset. Hence, the name. The scent is similar to Fruit Stripe gum.

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