Burnt Sugar Shimmer Lotion

$ 3.85

When the weather is cold and the sun is scarce, hydrating skin products are a must. This Burnt Sugar Shimmer Lotion soothes dry skin, while adding a soft sparkle that works for a wide variety of skin tones. The warm and inviting Burnt Sugar Fragrance lightly scents the skin with notes of coffee, smoked cedar, brown sugar and amber.

The shimmer/color is subtle and non-permanent. It does not discolor clothing.

This lotion would make a great stocking stuffer, or a super nice themed present when purchased in conjunction with some other Knittins With Kittens face and body products.

Available in two sizes: 2 oz. for $3.95 and 4 oz. for $6.70.

Price given is for one (1) bottle.

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