These Bath/Hand Soaps Fit In Hand Beautifully – In Assorted Colors And Scents


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Two new molds were just released, an oval shape and a rectangular shape, both a big 4-oz size, that has curved edges (rectangular) and tops (oval) that let the soap fit into the hand much better than before. I think this makes a big difference in the whole experience.

The pearly white soap is made from a coconut milk soap base and all the other soaps in the picture are made from a clear glycerin base. Both are detergent free and have a very nice lather. You can choose the soap base you want for your soap, but just know that opaque bases will create lighter colors than clear bases. The soap bases available are: OPAQUE: coconut milk, goat milk, three butter (cocoa butter, mango butter, & shea butter), & white; TRANSPARENT: clear & crystal clear.

The following is a list of the scents that match up with each color:

Pearly White: Caribbean Coconut
Purple: Blush Orchid
Green: Lemongrass Green Tea
Pink: Amber Romance
Sparkly Gold: English Tea Rose
Lemon Yellow: Watermelon Lemonade
Ocean Blue: April Showers
Sea Blue-Green: Blackberry & Magnolia

If none of these colors or scents appeal to you, there is a form in the “Custom Orders” tab you can fill out to request your own, unique bar of soap. All available fragrances are listed on the page Available Fragrances, and colors are listed on the page Available Colors.

Additional information

Weight4 oz

Gray, Green, Lemon Yellow, Ocean Blue, Pearly White, Pink, Purple, Sea Blue-Green, Sparkly Gold

Soap Base

Coconut, Goat Milk, Three Butter, White, Clear, Crystal Clear


Rectangle, Oval


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