About Us

Knittins With Kittens is a small company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It started up in 2014 to provide some income after retirement and to be able to offer quality hand knit products at reasonable prices. The name is derived from the owner’s two most loved things — knitting and kittens (well, cats, actually, but that didn’t make for a flowing name.) Everything is knitted with as much love as if it were being made for someone in the family.

After a short while, a beginner’s soap making kit came in the mail, and it was immediate love! Soap making is so much fun and has led to so much more, the possibilities are almost endless. There’s a lot of research that goes into the process, which spurns interest in more subjects — like lotions, masks, moisturizers, etc. It became very evident that in our daily lives, we use products that have a lot of ingredients we don’t need, and can be harmful, and we pay way too much for them. Here, at Knittins With Kittens, we use only what we need, we use good quality products from trusted suppliers, and we keep our prices low enough so most people can afford them. We are not about making bunches of money…we are about making bunches of people happy.

Our mission from the start has been to make every customer feel special. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We like our customers to feel like family.