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Love Your Face

Here at KittenSoft Face and Body Care, we love taking care of faces. I, personally, enjoy making high quality, affordable products that are good for the skin. Like my previous article mentioned, there are so many products on the market with such excessively high prices that a person could go broke just trying  to keep up with routine cleaning and moisturizing – let alone pampering themselves a little along the way!

We had an order come in for one of our most popular items (and one that I particularly love to make), and that made me think again about how fortunate I am that I am in a position that I don’t have to squeeze every ounce of profit I can from my business, and that I can offer these products at a reasonable price.

We carry several facial products that are under $20 and are made with all natural ingredients. There are cleansers and toners, and moisturizers. And remember – all products can be customized to your individualized taste by simply emailing to