Where did June go?

The last time I posted it was to announce that I had gotten some equipment to help make my photo shoots better. That was at the beginning of June and at that time I said my next acquisition was going to be a better camera but that would have to wait a little while. Well, I'm a rather impatient sort of person so I've now got a new camera and two additional lenses to go with it. (Lucky for me my husband is a sweetheart and indulges my whims!) So much of my month has been taken up trying to learn how to use my new "toys" to their best advantage. It's going to be a long process -- I'm out of my element here.

I'm going to have my first marketing event tomorrow. I'm giving away samples of the soaps that I make to all the ladies attending my family's picnic, with my business card inside. I want to make sure everyone in my extended family knows that I'm in this business, and who doesn't like to receive a free gift? Here's a picture of the bags on my dining room table:

Well, happy soaping everyone. What have you all been up to?


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