My 2nd CP endeavor -- I'm not so sure about this one!!

Okay, my first attempt at CP soaping went so well that I thought I'd get right back to it and make another batch. But first I did a lot more reading and watched several videos, both instructional and ones just following recipes. I saw a video about spoon swirling that I found intriguing so I decided that would be by next project. It's a three-layered soap that gets a spoon twisted throughout to make the swirls.

I figured since I'm still new to this process, I would be better off buying a kit so everything I needed would be there, and at a lower price than if I bought everything separately. It's the same philosophy I used when I got started with M&P soaping. 

The kit came with Cranberry Fig fragrance so I decided to make a Christmas themed soap. My layers are red, green, and white. I got those poured into the makeshift loaf mold that I made by lining one of the boxes that came with my order. (Their idea, not mine. :) ) I picked up my spoon and started to swirl. Needless to say it didn't go anywhere close to what was in the video! Oh, she made it look soooooo easy!

I kept at it and got the whole loaf swirled, then smoothed out the top. It looked like a demented meatloaf! I had little bits of green soap left so I dropped them on the top and swirled them. All I can say is I hope when the slices get cut they look a whole lot better than this soap does from the top. 

Do you have any soaping experiences you'd like to share? 

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