My newest acquisition

Being a one-person owner of a shop in the e-commerce business necessitates becoming proficient in a number of areas that have no direct bearing on the core business. Take photography, for instance.  My business is knitting, and making soaps and candles. It wouldn't do me much good to make all these things if I had no way to display them for sale.

It sounds easy enough to snap a few pictures, upload them, type a few words and voilà you're done! That's sort of what I thought getting ready for my first "photo shoot." But when my products were on display, OMG they looked awful. So I searched the internet for articles on how to take good product pictures and have spent countless hours reading and practicing. I'm also lucky to have a very talented daughter-in-law who was gracious enough to photograph some of my early stuff and give me some pointers on what and what not to do.

So now, months and months later, after spending lots of time post-production erasing shadows and whatnot, I've purchased my very own table top photo studio kit:

So far I love it! What a difference it makes when you don't have to worry about the lighting and about what's within the camera's view but not your own. And it comes with a tripod mount so for now everything's great.

Up next: a better camera. But that will have to wait until I've sold a few more items, I'm afraid.  

What's been your biggest hurdle outside of your core business?

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