Maybe I'm just not meant to swirl

I tried a few techniques for swirling soap shortly after I began this venture. All of them ended with me having a sad looking bar of soap on my hands and me vowing to just give it up! But no, I can't leave it alone. It bothers me that what should be a relatively simple task is getting the better of me.

That brings me to today. I found a picture and a recipe on for a soap that I thought was awesome and also that I thought for sure would lead to success for me at last. Here's a picture of what the soap SHOULD look like:

Thai tea soap

Well, I followed that recipe to the letter with the exception of the color. I opted for bluish green so it would look like ocean water in the Caribbean and the white would look sort of like waves. Here's a picture of how MY soap turned out:

Caribbean ocean soap

I don't get it! I could tell when I started pouring the white soap that it wasn't going to turn out right. It looked like it was sinking all the way to the bottom instead of curling around like it should. By why? I was so careful about the temperatures and that's supposed to be the most important part. 

I think I'm just jinxed. I know I should give it up and move on, but will I? Absolutely not! 

Does anybody have any suggestions for what I might have done wrong?

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